South32 Part II: Further Investigation

For one reason or another, this whole “South32” mystery has had me more intrigued than others as of late. It’s probably because it’s still, as of yet, unsolved, and it’s more than just a puzzle or an ARG.


If you want the background info, read my earlier post South32: What is This Mystery?, or watch the YouTube videos on it.

What interested me further was that, like Elder’s Vault, I started investigating some of the connected sites. Hopefully, this isn’t a way to get into trouble (if it actually is something more sinister than it appears to be).

Among the links I’ve come across that are connected to this are:

  1. Flickr: South32
  2. Mollee Gray at Crest Theatre seeing movie South32 in Westwood
  3. SOuth32
  4. Pinterest: South32
  5. Luigi Bian – Facebook
  6. 4plebs: South32
  7. Luigi Bian on Google+
  8. Yelp: Luigi Bian Hollywood movie producer
  9. Twitter: south32 wants to produce xxx movies (NSFW)

That’s just a small sampling. Like Elder said, on the surface, this “Luigi Bian” just appears to be an indie (porn?) movie producer, but as he also mentioned, it really looks as though the movies and such are covering up something that’s a lot worse (such as a human trafficking operation).

According to link number 6 there, Luigi Bian’s real name is “Saeid Yomtobian,” and if you search for that name, some creepier results come up. For instance, this one: WIPO Domain Name Decision: D2000-1003. It’s connected to a case surrounding Mr. Yomtobian’s alleged domain squatting, which is part of the reason that he (and possibly others connected to him) seem very suspicious. There are multiple news stories related to this that I’ve found in my search.

One of the more unnerving things (which I suppose I mentioned in the last post) is that many of these sites have mysterious numbers on them, which seem to be unexplained. As Elder said in his video, he plugged in some of the numbers, and they turned out to be things like GPS coordinates, phone numbers, and addresses. Is this starting to sound scarier yet?

Today, I looked up one of these numbers (“86590523”) and it turned out to be a registered trademark number. Hmm…


Curious, I decided to look into some of the other strange numbers on these South32 sites. Unlike the first number there, I wasn’t able to find a direct answer to what all of them were. Some of the others include:






Again, that’s just a small sampling. And what’s with that “China get out” message? I have no idea. Maybe this South32 stuff is a political thing too? Your guess is as good as mine.

I’d be intrigued to see what else I can uncover with this. If any of you readers have any information to contribute, feel free to do so, and thank you!







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