Give The People What They Want, Part II!

I stopped by one of my favorite haunts, Psycho Social Network, this morning, and I realized I had tons of messages and friend requests. Yes, I know, I’m a mod, and I should be there more often! (I’ll work on that.)

What I found interesting was that in my message inbox, people were requesting rather dark things. I should expect this by now, right?

One of the requests resembled red rooms or something like it. You know that’s one of my favorite subjects, don’t you? I think the actual wording was more along the lines of, “…violent videos that you can interact with.” Same idea.

As I’d mentioned in my previous posts about red rooms, all of the ones that I’ve come across appear to be scams, this being one of them:


They usually have “instructions” written in poor English, and ask for different amounts of bitcoin, depending on what kind of show you want to see. Having been on Tor for almost three years and having come across numerous sites like this, I’m inclined to think that they’re just ripoffs aimed at newcomers.

Of course, I haven’t paid for any of them, but my best guess is that I would just lose the bitcoin. (If any of you readers have further experience with this, let me know.) The other similar sites I’ve come across are the “shadow web” ones, which have been a recurring theme on this blog!


As much as I may joke about them, the “shadow web” sites are scams as well; I’m positive about this. This does not mean that there aren’t disturbing sites on the dark web – they’re just of a different variety.

After all, there used to be a site called Hurt 2 The Core, did there not? (It’s since been shut down.) I hate to say it, but there are probably other sites like it in existence; I won’t link to them, though. If that’s what you’re into, I’m sure you can find it on your own.

There was one site I came across in my search, http://snuffyknz5eb6spv.onion/, but this one may be a scam as well; I don’t know. My best guess to that question is “yes.” Very few of the sites of this nature will give out their media for free – you’ll at least have to pay a small (if not very expensive) bitcoin fee.

So what does that leave, then? You have the child pornography sites, yes, and then you have a bunch of random chat rooms scattered around, in which some people trade movies and videos (probably also of that nature).

Other than that, the rest of the “dark web” would probably seem boring to you gore seekers. That’s one reason that I wrote the post Hmm…Needs More Gore! (NSFW) – there’s much more of this on the clearnet, to my knowledge!

I haven’t been on Freenet in quite some time, but I recall that there were a few sites like that on there too. If you’ve gotten bored with Tor, you may want to hop on over there and see what they have to offer – just be careful. I’m not responsible for any trauma you may incur.


Has this satisfied you for now, gore lovers? As always, if you have other suggestions or requests, leave a comment!





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