Hmm…Needs More Gore (Part 2)

I was having a conversation with my IRC buddies this morning about gore sites, and since it’s the day before Halloween, I thought, “Why not share some more?”


In the previous post, Hmm…Needs More Gore! (NSFW), I mentioned seven sites that I thought had some of the best gore images and videos:

  1. riGOREmortis
  2. Best Gore
  3. The YNC
  4. Deathtube
  5. Crazy Shit
  6. Documenting Reality
  7. Goregrish

I neglected to mention LiveLeak, which is also one of the most famous of these sites. LiveLeak used to be known as, back in the old days. In fact, I think it was one of the first sites of its kind.


I vaguely remember visiting the site under its old name (yes, I’m that old), but the memories are a little foggy. LiveLeak, like its contemporaries, has many videos of accidents, murders, and war – albeit mixed with a little humor and bizarre stuff. Under its Ogrish name, it was quite a bit more explicit, according to my latest research.

If you haven’t checked it out already and this is your kind of thing, I suggest that you do.

In addition to these sites, I might suggest that you check out some of the quarantined subreddits. Not all of these contain gore, of course, but some do. A good example would be /r/Gore, which is pretty self-explanatory, is it not?

On a similar note, there is a subreddit called /r/GOREgeousWomen – I’m sensing a theme here! If you’d like to see others, there are whole lists of all the quarantined subreddits. [EDIT: Apparently this sub was banned from Reddit! Reddit’s really been cracking down, haven’t they?]

Seriously though…I am a nice guy (“For Brutus is an honorable man.”). You probably wouldn’t recognize me in person, based on these blog posts. As I’d said earlier, death just fascinates me, and I think it fascinates more people than you might realize.

I have searched for sites like this on the dark web as well, but contrary to popular belief, I haven’t had much luck finding any. There are a few I’ve come across, but they don’t seem to have a whole lot of content. Is that ironic or what?

If you aren’t the type who enjoys real-life gore, then I might just suggest a few good horror/disturbing movies. The list Horrible Reviews: 100 of the Most Disturbing Movies Ever is pretty comprehensive! (I was disappointed that I’d only seen 22 out of 100; I need to catch up!)


What’s disturbing, of course, is very subjective – and that goes for the gore sites/dark web as well. For instance, many people list the August Underground series among the most disturbing movies they’ve ever seen, because the films look somewhat like “snuff films.” In other words, they have very graphic scenes of torture and death, along with a grainy, found footage appearance.

On the other hand, I’ve heard other people say that the films were boring and did not look realistic. I thought that one of the more disturbing films on the above list was The Bunny Game, because apparently, some of the torture was unsimulated, and according to what I’d read, the story was based on an experience of the lead actress, Rodleen Getsic.

In any case, there are a few of my recommendations. As I always say, if you have others, feel free to comment!

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