How to Chat and Work in the “Dark Web”

First off, happy holidays, my fellow dark web denizens!

With that out of the way, I’d like to mention that someone asked me on my post entitled Dark Web Chat: Liberty or Depravity? how to access dark web chat rooms, and also how to “work in the dark web.” I hadn’t gone into much detail about either of those things.

Q. How do I find dark web chat rooms?

A. You find dark web chat rooms the same way you find most other links. They’re on link lists, search engines, or wikis. Either that or you sometimes find them via word-of-mouth, although this last method can be very sketchy.


Scammers will sometimes refer you to phishing links or disreputable marketplaces for their own self-interest – and why not? I would guess that more than half of the onion links you come across are scams of some sort.

Some of the chat rooms I’ve come across are highly disturbing (in my opinion, at least) – although I was pleased to note that according to this article – Tabooless Chat Admin Sentenced to Prison and Therapy – one admin of a notorious child abuse-related chat room has finally been caught.

There are, however, more “neutral” chat rooms as well. I’ve referred to MadIRC quite a few times on this blog, which I suppose you could consider a “dark web chat,” since it has an onion link: qj3m7wxqk4pfqwob.onion/.


That’s probably not what people have in mind, though – they’re looking for creepy stuff (sigh). Come on, at least it has a black background! This is the IRC chat I hang around the most, and the people there are pretty cool.

I looked at a link list earlier today, and it may not be the most up-to-date, but it did have a few Tor chat links on it (including the abovementioned MadIRC!). One of them included this one: The Campfire

I’ve been in that chat room a few times, and while it isn’t always active, occasionally you can meet some interesting people there. Maybe you can bookmark it and check back every once in a while to see if people are around.

Also, the other site which I’ve mentioned frequently, Psycho Social Network, has a chat function, although not a chat room, per se. It’s more akin to something like Facebook Messenger – a little chat window pops up and you have a conversation. (It’s in the lower righthand corner there.)


Q. How do I work in the dark web?

This is another question I get constantly. To be honest, most people that I know who “work in the dark web” are doing something illegal, or sketchy at the very least. That’s why it’s on the dark web to begin with.

I suppose that not every site is illegal, but if you’re trying to make money, that’s just a fact. For instance, you have the darknet markets. If you’re not familiar with these by now, those are the sites on which people sell goods like drugs, digital goods, and weapons.

The main reason why people are selling things on these markets has to do with the products’ illegal nature.


That being said, I suppose you could sell legal goods, but you probably wouldn’t be all that successful. If people come onto Tor expecting to find things that are illegal, they would probably just skip over your site.

The one possible exception that I know of is OpenBazaar, which is a decentralized marketplace that uses Tor for anonymity but doesn’t exclusively sell illegal goods. In theory, you could consider that “making money from the dark web,” although that’s a bit of a stretch.


For instance, I’ve seen people selling things like coffee beans and art on there. Cool, huh?


The one other idea I might have is that if you have some kind of marketable skill, like web design or hacking, you might be able to offer that to people. Many scammers try to do the same, but if you were doing it legit and gained a good reputation, you could make a good living that way.

Anyway, these are my best answers to these questions at the moment.

Got any other ideas?

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