Dark Web Consulting!

So…I’ve got an idea.

Because I consistently get questions related to the dark web, I’m starting a small “dark web consulting” freelance business. Here are my credentials:

  • 3+ years experience using the dark web (Tor, I2P, Freenet, and ZeroNet)
  • 1+ years experience with darknet markets
  • Published articles on DeepDotWeb, Dark Web Reviews, and Darknetmarkets
  • Utilized PGP extensively
  • Working knowledge of cryptography
  • Proficient at discerning scams from legitimate sites
  • Knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, etc.
  • Experienced with Tor on Windows, Linux, and Android OS’s

While I’ll still respond to comments as I usually do, if you want me to do anything in-depth (like serious research), I would just like to get some compensation in return. My fee is flexible, however, and I will be a bit cheaper than some other consultants.

I’m starting off at roughly $20-30 per hour (0.00482000-0.00723000 BTC), and perhaps more if it’s an extensive project. If you do seriously want help, I’ll have you fill out a contract.

In addition, I’m willing to do writing-related jobs in this area. For instance, if you have a site and need someone to write a good description for the landing page, I’d be happy to help.

Don’t get me wrong; you are free to comment on the blog or email me as normal (I don’t charge for comments). What I’m referring to are questions like, “Can you help me set up an account on a dark web site to make profits?” or “Which bitcoin wallet is the best?” Some of those things require extra time, so I feel that it’s only fair to make a job out of it.

In conclusion, if you do really want me to help you, please contact me here on the blog or at my ProtonMail address: ciphas@protonmail.com.

I look forward to working with you!




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