Connect: Social Network or Scam?

In my previous post, I had referenced a dark web social network called Connect. Its URL, for the curious, is http://connectkjsazkwud.onion.

I discovered this when visiting the URL of the old Blackbook site, and I believe it’s by the same developers. This time around, however, I was interested in figuring out if it’s a scam (since I’ve encountered so many of these).


The site itself is definitely based on Facebook (you might even say it’s a fork). In fact, it even has the little “reaction faces” (i.e. the alternatives to liking something) that Facebook is known for.

After exploring it for a bit, I am under the impression that it’s a scam, although you could join it without losing any money. The reason that I say this is that, like Blackbook, it features a number of financial and marketplace services in its ads.

While I haven’t tried any of these, as I’ve said before, I tend to trust the ones that are on DeepDotWeb (yeah, call me biased), or ones that I’ve verified myself. The reason that I trust DeepDotWeb’s list is that it’s free of phishing links and that those who run the site do research to remove scam sites and such.

On Connect, there’s a section called “Market,” on which you can, in theory, buy products. These include such things as Brazzers accounts, “Turkish citizenship” (especially skeptical of that one), counterfeit money, and a laser rifle.


I have to admit, these are the types of things that people often think are available for sale on the dark web; on some markets, they are, but it’s just as likely that they’re scams. The only way to know for certain would be to purchase it yourself or to get feedback from someone you know is reliable.

Marketplace aside, if you just want to use Connect in the same manner as Facebook, then go right ahead. It has a forum section, articles, a blog, and a chat feature.  Of course, given the amount of shit Facebook’s been taking lately, you might not want to use it!

As I say about the rest of the dark web, take anything that people are offering with a grain of salt. If you just want to explore it for fun, then be my guest.

Just give me your name, social security number, and passwords, please. 

4 thoughts on “Connect: Social Network or Scam?”

  1. NO Connect is not a scam it is exactly a social site of Dark net .
    Connect is created by the Admin of Black book .
    Black book is cricked by NSA.
    it is a social site but the products are given by the users of Connect

  2. To any readers – Connect isn’t a scam. It’s a social network with an afterthought market attached to it. Connect makes no guarantee as to the legitimacy of any service on our market – that’s for buyers and sellers to work out.

    Source: Am one of the Connect admins.

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