A New Onion Link List!

So, some of my friends over at MadIRC finally published the onion link list I mentioned a while back. If you want to see it, here’s the link: CodiMD – Onion Link List.


It’s a work in progress (which I’m helping with), and we’re continually adding interesting links as we find them. It’s CP-free, at the very least, and we’re attempting to keep it scam free too (although at this point, I’ve started to assume that everything is a scam, or at least has the possibility of being one).

Part of the reason that my friends did this in the first place is that some of the other popular link lists (like Fresh Onions) have a tendency to list CP links. This is probably due to the fact that Fresh Onions uses an automated crawler, and doesn’t discern between CP and non-CP, or scam and non-scam. It’s just a robot, more or less.


A few examples of what’s on this new link list include:

  1. Gangsta’s Paradise – Anonymous Forum
  2. OnionShare
  3. Deutschland im Deep Web
  4. The Evil Page
  5. linux.pizza

As I always say, what you find “interesting” on there will depend on your individual tastes. I constantly get asked “Where are some interesting links?!,” and I usually reply with, “What do you find interesting?” For instance, I find stuff like “The Evil Page” interesting, or things related to hacking/coding, and marketplaces.


Even so, I’ve suggested all this stuff to people who ask, and they aren’t intrigued in the slightest. If that’s not interesting, then what is?

As a matter of fact, I did find one page recently that would be of interest to those who want the creepy/weird/puzzle stuff. That’ll be the subject of my next post.



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