Featured Site: hacking.allowed

In addition to the requisite Christmas post, there’s a site I came across recently that I’ve been wanting to feature, particularly since I keep finding articles that categorize the “dark web” as this evil place full of horrible people.

The site in question is called hacking.allowed. I know that people tend to expect “hackers” on the dark web, but this site is more of the fun variety than the criminal kind:

What can I say? I just love that old school “green terminal” look (it’s what I grew up with). Like most of Tor, however, there’s nothing particularly edgy or weird about it.  

Oddly enough, in the process of writing this post, I noticed that the site seems to have disappeared. What the hell? Well, I guess that’s just something you should expect with onion sites, as I’ve said before. In essence, hacking.allowed was just a bunch of networking, proxy, and virtual hosting tools on this guy’s personal site.

I was going to go into more detail, but without the original as a reference, that may be a bit difficult. I do recall that on one page, the site owner mentioned anoNet, which I plan on exploring in the future; so thanks for that idea, whoever you are!  Keep checking back – it may go back online at some point. Anyhow, I’m off to code again!

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