South32: Too Dangerous? What’s Next?

I had been talking with someone on Twitter regarding this whole South32 mess, and he mentioned that there used to be a subreddit and a Discord server dedicated to it, but they “got spooked and just stopped.”

I haven’t gotten to the point of getting scared quite yet, but if this is really as dangerous as people say, maybe I should stop too! On the other hand, I haven’t dug as deep as some others have into all this.

One of the other reasons I decided to post about this again was that I went to the original South32 site recently, and saw that they had put up a “bounty” for Elder’s Vault, who had made the video about them (which was where I heard about all this in the first place).


I would take this seriously, but some of it just sounds like a paranoid rant. The full text reads:

South32 will pay $100,000 to locate the man who has Australian accent calling himself Mr.Elder & the company organization funding his falls [sic] online campaigns against south32 & its CEO Mr. Luigi Bian international motion film company.

Your destructive activities have severe consequences, since you are creating a slanderous rumor mill, obstructing our ability to do business with other people and companies. Your harassment of our company director, Crew, via phone calls, social media, internet bullying and text messaging is causing irreparable damage to the good name of our company South32

You are harassing our crew damaging our business south32 you are criminals we will sue your companies through international courts. CEO Luigi Bian 310-924-4779

Now, I’m not Elder’s Vault (I’m just a fan), and I don’t know if this is the type of thing he should take seriously or not, but I found it a little scary, to say the least. I suppose it all depends on whether or not “South32” is actually a criminal enterprise, or is just some paranoid guy with delusions.

In any case, I realize that doing this sort of “investigating” can get you into trouble, which is why I always do my best to stay on the good side of my dark web buddies.

The other strange thing I noticed regarding the South32 sites is that at present, most of them redirect to this site:

A few of the others show a full-length video of the movie Fantasies, which is supposedly one of the films that “Luigi Bian” has produced.

So, what’s the conclusion about all of this? I have no idea. Is it really something dangerous, or is this guy just a filmmaker who also happened to be squatting on thousands of domains?

P.S. I came across a list of just a few of the domains registered by Mr. Bian earlier today. Some include:


Most of them look like this:

What’s your take on this, readers? I’d love to hear your theories.

4 thoughts on “South32: Too Dangerous? What’s Next?”

  1. I found another one while messing around in class with a friend is the same thing. Thi is getting weird.

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