Fine, I’ll Write About Tara the Android…

One of my friends over at MadIRC has continuously asked me to write about Tara the Android (who, as you may or may not know, is not related to the dark web in any way), so I’m finally doing it.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, you may know Tara’s most infamous video, entitled “I Feel Fantastic”:

This video, due to its unsettling and somewhat mysterious nature, has been the subject of many rumors and urban legends, including the idea that its creator is a serial killer who turns his victims into singing robots, or that the short clip of a backyard is where his victims are buried.

To be honest, I always thought those rumors sounded way too outlandish (although some serial killers and mass murderers have uploaded YouTube videos prior to being arrested).

Therefore, I looked into this a bit more. Apparently, the creator of Tara is named John Bergeron, and this is just one of his many projects. Without even looking beyond YouTube, I managed to find a video that talked about this in a common sense manner:

In the description for that video, the uploader says that he’s a friend of Bergeron’s and that “…he created it to try to be a pioneer in both the robotics and music industry. He thought it’d be the future, something that would put his and, dare I say, ‘her’ name out there.” That, to me, sounds a whole lot more believable (although probably less exciting).

As a matter of fact, I also found a link to Mr. Bergeron’s official site, Android Music Videos, on which you can see more videos of Tara if you so desire (it’s a Geocities site!).

This brings me to a larger point, however – as I’ve said on a couple of earlier posts, people will sometimes do “top 10 lists” with creepy videos and claim that they’re from the dark web. Often, none of the videos are from the dark web, and are actually just clips from horror films or (ironically) YouTube. Tara’s videos seem to have the perfect ambiance to fit into this category, especially if you aren’t familiar with the backstory.

Are you familiar with the YouTuber Chills (the Burger King Foot Lettuce Guy)? As much as I enjoy his videos, anytime he has one related to “dark web videos,” I’m immediately skeptical. This one is a good example: 10 Dark Web Videos You Should Never Watch.

Quite a few YouTubers have done “dark web video” top 10 lists, and whenever I look into them, it turns out that they’re bullshit. Of course, that’s the nature of clickbait – like this post, right?

As for Tara, it seems to me that she was just a passion project by someone who was really into robotics, but just happened to turn out creepy.

Oddly enough, I don’t often go looking for real dark web videos, because I’m far more disturbed at what actually comes up when trying this.

That being said, if you do have any (legal) dark web videos you think I should feature, feel free to suggest them in the comments! I’m always open.

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