A New Blackbook?!

While I happened to be visiting Connect today, I noticed that they had two links promoting sites of theirs. One was a new Blackbook, at http://blkbook7i4cpw4s6.onion.


The original Blackbook site was a Facebook-like social network (much like the Connect site I mentioned in the previous post). It was the first social network I joined on Tor, so maybe I have some nostalgia about it.

The new site, as you can see above, has such things as news, lists (which are essentially ads), videos, music, polls, and quizzes. In a sense, its new format is somewhat similar to Reddit, what with its different categories of interests.

I definitely like the look and feel of it, and while I make no claim as to the authenticity of any of the products being sold, I’m not going to outright criticize them (wink)! Instead, I’ll let you try them out for yourself.


Though the site is new and there isn’t much on it yet, I look forward to seeing it grow as a community. I definitely like the idea of it as a news aggregator with additional media like music videos.

At the moment, there isn’t a whole lot more to it, but perhaps this is one site that’s asking for a follow-up post later on! What do you think, folks?

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