Connect Follow-Up: Not a Scam :)

I’ve been getting a few angry comments regarding my post Connect: Social Network or Scam?, so I thought I should address this.

One of the reasons that I had initially assumed it was a scam was that I had heard rumors about the previous site (Blackbook) being a scam, and so I had my suspicions about the new one – but we all know what happens when you assume, right?

As the admin (Andreas Rybak) said in his comment:

To any readers – Connect isn’t a scam. It’s a social network with an afterthought market attached to it. Connect makes no guarantee as to the legitimacy of any service on our market – that’s for buyers and sellers to work out.

I suppose this was the case with Blackbook as well. You could join the network without ever buying or selling anything, but the marketplace was there for those who wanted it. Plus, this is the case with any darknet market – the market itself may not be a scam, but it’s possible that certain vendors are. That you have to figure out for yourself.

As far as Connect as a social network goes – it’s great. I didn’t intend to give people the wrong idea (really!) It’s just a Facebook-like site on Tor, with many of the same features, and is a great place to meet people – which any social network can be.

A while back, I had written a review of the marketplace The Majestic Garden, which doubles as a forum. I suppose the same is true on a site like that; the idea is to talk about psychedelics and such, and in some cases, people buy and sell products too.

On that forum, the transactions are done via P2P, so there is a chance you could get scammed – but that doesn’t mean that the whole market is a scam. The same is true of Connect. Really, the same thing could happen on the clearnet as well.

So basically, Connect community, this is to say that I apologize for misleading people. I’ll be more careful about what I say with regard to a site in the future, until I know all the facts.

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