Dread: The Darknet Reddit

So, it’s come to my attention that people actually do read what I write about dark web sites (I kid)!

Back in March of 2018, I wrote a post entitled Reddit Cracks Down on Dark Web Subreddits, and that still holds true. I’m just happy that r/deepweb is still around (probably because they forbid advertising illegal services).

Anyway, at present, the closest thing to Reddit that exists on Tor is Dread, which is a Reddit-style forum, primarily dedicated to darknet markets. Now, before anyone jumps on me for “advertising” this site, it’s not exactly unknown (it has been in the news). Dark Web News beat me to the punch on this one: Dread: A New Reddit-Like Service for the Dark Web


Therefore, I thought I’d look into it from a different perspective (that of a new user).


First impression? It seems great! It offers all of the features that make Reddit popular, but is obviously darknet market friendly. Like Reddit, it gives you the option to create a “subdread,” which are the darknet equivalent of subreddits. Some of the existing ones that I’d recommend checking out are:

  1. /d/Dread
  2. /d/DarkNetMarkets
  3. /d/DarknetMarketsNoobs
  4. /d/Cannazon
  5. /d/LibertasMarket
  6. /d/DarkDotFail
  7. /d/Lean
  8. /d/HiddenService
  9. /d/HarmReduction
  10. /d/hacking
  11. /d/SocialEngineering
  12. /d/OpSec
  13. /d/malware

Given that I’m a noob to the site myself, I can understand that some might not trust me, but suffice it to say that I’m just a journalist who enjoys the dark web (really!), and that I have no ulterior motives.

They have a basic “Dreadiquette” helper, which explains how to format posts, and that may be updated in the future with other guidelines:


One of the reasons that I wrote this post, in general, is that I’m looking to branch into more are interviews with people connected to Tor (or other darknets) in some way. Along the same lines, this is why I’m in the process of joining a lot of sites and making new friends.

Anyway, if Dread interests you, I’d recommend registering for the site and checking it out yourself.

P.S. If any of this was inaccurate or I forgot something that’s important, feel free to contact me, Dread users! You know where I am.







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