Down the Rabbithole: Sketchy Pastebin Posts

Those of you who read regularly here know that I love a good mystery. In keeping with that, someone stopped by and asked if I had ever written about “sketchy pastebin posts.” I thought, what an excellent suggestion!

So I went searching for strange things written on pastebins, and lo and behold: I came across all kinds of oddities.

I had already mentioned on my posts about South32 that some of the related information I had found on pastebins, such as these:

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In the process of looking that up, I came across some other weird stuff. I started searching for related terms on DuckDuckGo (which I’ve started calling “DuckDuckGoing it” – somehow I doubt that’ll catch on). One of the results I found was this Reddit post, from r/Malware:

The OP says “There’s some weird code being spam-pasted in, how is it possible that antiviruses claim it’s a virus if it’s just rawtext?

“Link, should be safe, but open at your own risk, whatever it’s text after all (when I open even the framed version, antivirus starts screaming):

“I’m wondering what does the code do/mean?”

If you follow the thread, one user says that it appears to be base64 encoded. Apparently, it turned out to be an njRAT (which allows the controller to gain access to the end user’s computer). That’s not good, right?

I would imagine that there are probably lots of pastebin posts like this, especially if it’s a good place to just dump code that you’re testing. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t be a Secrets of the Dark post without mentioning the dark web, would it?

On several previous posts, I’ve discussed that people seem to think there is such a thing as a “closed shell system,” thanks to that stupid deep web levels infographic. Likewise, there are a number of pastebin posts that supposedly list “.clos” and “.loky” links (which are completely made up):

Feel free to check it out just for shits and giggles, but there’s not much more to it than that. That being said, here’s a rather strange Pastebin post that I came across in my search: weirdness like really this is weird.

It’s entitled “Post-Christianity God is Hell. The Keys”

  • “Nothing has rejected what Nothing was not, and it was a word. The word was GOD.”
  • “By rejecting everything the God was not, He became guilty of the Universe. He did not create skies nor planets, but he casted [sic] them like a man casts a shadow. By denying everyone who He wasn’t and everything He couldn’t be, the Lord became the reason of Angels and the seed of life.
  • “Angels are anti-image of God. Breeding nothingness, in which His silhouette looms. By multiplying, they’ve multiplied life, meaning and laws, inventing the good and evil.”    

Normally I don’t talk about religion on here, but this was just too bizarre to pass up. Whoever wrote it does make some interesting points, whether you agree with them or not. You know I always welcome comments, so if someone does want to get into the philosophical stuff, I permit you to do so.

Finally, I found a Pastebin post entitled “Big list of strange websites (wip)”: – some of these you may have heard of before, and some you may have not.

One of the ones I found intriguing on this particular list was called “Triangle Maze”:


It’s probably just an ARG or something along those lines, but you know that I can’t resist a good puzzle, right?

Another of the sites that they listed was, which has been the subject of a number of conspiracy theories in and of itself.

While I’ve explored that site before, I haven’t really gone into depth and figured out what all the codes and numerology mean. That might be fun for you if you’re looking for another mystery to unravel.

Anyhow, I have to stop writing for the moment, but I’ve enjoyed this process; in fact, I think this is a post that deserves a sequel! What’s your opinion, readers?

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