hekatestation.net: What?

In my earlier post, Down the Rabbithole: Sketchy Pastebin Posts, I mentioned a site called hekatestation.net that was listed on one of the pastebins. This was the first time I’d actually heard of that site, so I decided to check it out.

It looks like this:

There’s no other information or explanations on the homepage. The three triangles, however, link to different pages. In addition to those three triangles, there are three more triangles below the large ones that appear and disappear:

Each triangle links to another page. The large blue triangle leads to a page called “skulls,” which I had shown an image of on the previous post:

On that page, as you can see, there’s the blue triangle, plus a series of six skulls (which also appears and disappears), and a small green circle. The circle contains a zip file called “pix.zip.” Just to be safe, I scanned this file at VirusTotal, and it didn’t appear to contain any malware. Whew!

Also, if you hover your mouse cursor over the blue triangle, it changes to what appears to be a hand-drawn angel:

The brown triangle leads to a page called “GRID”:

The orange triangle leads to a page called “maps,” which in turn has many other links on it:

On this page (as you can see in the screenshot) is a button labeled maps, which, if you click on it, downloads a zip file by the same name. However, in order to unzip the file, you need a password, which is unknown to me at the time of this writing.

Also on this page are two hidden links to a page entitled ffend, which, like the other pages, has hidden text and several links:

On the left side of the page is some text that reads:




On the right side is some text reading:

***Y** ****O

***E *I**


I’m assuming that the stars represent missing characters, although I haven’t figured out what they are at the moment. If any of my fellow puzzle solvers would like to chime in, you are welcome to. Below that, as you can see, is this image:

Any guesses as to what it might represent? It looks somewhat like an incomplete cube, and also somewhat similar to a swastika (but I don’t think that’s what it’s supposed to be). In addition, if you click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the ffend page, it leads to a separate site called obsidiansnow.net.

This site, as with the others, has a series of links to parts of the “maze,” if you will. Each dot in the “pyramid” contains one link. The one at the top leads back to hekatestation.net, while the others lead to these, respectively:

  1. http://obsidiansnow.net/M1/m1.html
  2. http://obsidiansnow.net/M2/m2.html
  3. http://hekatestation.net/die.html
  4. http://hekatestation.net/five.html
  5. http://hekatestation.net/17_a.html

There’s more to the puzzle than this, but I thought that for the time being, I’d just leave it there, and maybe explore the rest in a separate post.

What I’m curious to know is if anyone’s dug deeper into this puzzle, and if they’ve figured out any of the hidden meanings or translations of the cryptography.

All in all, like Terminal 00, it just seems to be an ARG or a puzzle, albeit fun and interesting one. What are your thoughts?

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