What Happened to Fresh Onions?

Someone left a comment the other day asking what had happened to Fresh Onions, which has been one of the more popular link lists on Tor.

To be honest, I don’t know what’s become of the site. It may just be that its admin had to switch to a new server or something along those lines. Another possibility is that the site is being moved to a v3 onion (which is the case with quite a few other sites as well). If you’ve read the previous posts about it, you probably saw some of the screenshots, like this:

In any case, as I’ve also mentioned, there are other link lists you can use on both the clearnet and Tor – they just might not be updated on a regular basis.

For instance, there’s the link list that my friends over at MadIRC have been maintaining: CodiMD – Tor Link List (shameless plug!). Last I checked, there didn’t seem to be any new links on there, but at the very least, the ones they have are online.

There are also clearnet link lists like DeepWebSitesLinks.com, although I have found that some of their information is inaccurate (on occasion). If all you’re looking for are onion links, though, this should do the trick.

Besides these, I’m still a fan of using the search engines like not Evil, TORCH (in spite of its scam reputation), and Candle. You just need to keep in mind that anything you come across could be a scam, so don’t get your hopes up.

If you have any other link sites to suggest, leave them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “What Happened to Fresh Onions?”

  1. CodiMD – Tor Link List doesn’t work. They put all the links in text instead of a table or list in HTML so they all run together in an unclickable mess.

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