Blockchain DNS on Mobile?

I stopped by my favorite subreddit today (r/deepweb, of course!), and someone had asked about accessing Blockchain DNS on mobile devices.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, I had only touched on this briefly on the post OpenNIC Project: DNS Neutrality! The two are connected, however.

As Blockchain-DNS themselves put it:

In today’s Internet, when you request any website by name – say, – your browser asks central name-servers for how to reach that website.

These servers, called root servers, are operated by the same entity, usually a governmental organization. This system is prone to censorshipcommercial takeovertrackingdata retention and other abuse.

Visitors can be misdirected. Owners can lose their websites.

The idea behind Blockchain-DNS, then, is to have a decentralized domain name system that isn’t run by a central authority – and thus, as they mentioned, subject to censorship and other problems.

At present, the only Android app I’ve tried that works for this is DNS Changer. I’m sure that there are other similar ones, but I have yet to experiment with them.

I’m sure you can do this manually as well, but this is probably the simplest way. The equivalent plugin for Firefox and Chrome is Blockchain DNS. Anyhow, with either of these plugins installed, you can visit BDNS domains, such as .bit, .lib, .emc, .coin, .bazar, and OpenNIC domains.

OpenNIC domains include such things as .bbs, .chan, .cyb, .libre, and .geek. If you’re looking to just explore, however, Blockchain-DNS has the same issue that Tor frequently does; many sites are down. This may be because no one has actually set up a site at that domain name, or because they aren’t being maintained constantly. I’ve just come to expect this.

Be that as it may, I did find an interesting site at coredump.geek: Play Rogue Online. For those who love retro games (as I do), this might be something you’ll want to check out!

Keep in mind that right now, Blockchain-DNS and OpenNIC aren’t as secure as Tor, but it’s definitely an interesting concept, and I hope that we’ll be headed more in this direction in the near future.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? All are welcome.

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