Strange Websites: Part 2

Since it’s such a strange and intriguing site, I decided to explore a bit further.

As I mentioned in the last post, there’s a map of sorts:

Makes perfect sense, right?

One of those links is entitled, and it appears to be a real IP address. That corresponds to a location at Cornell University. Does that mean that the site is hosted at Cornell? Not necessarily, but who knows?

One of the “new” pages I found on the site is called %20AUTOMATIC RAIN SYSTEM, and consists of a series of numbers. I was expecting the numbers to connect to something meaningful, but each one just links to another series of numbers. It’s information like this that makes the whole thing look like an experiment of some kind:

What does it all mean?! There’s also a page called INFO | TUR-97, which shows diagrams with some sorts of devices on them (in 3-D model form):

If you click on the diagrams, they go deeper into the “rabbit hole,” so to speak. The links seem to be further diagrams illustrating how these devices work, or something along those lines. Unfortunately, there are no details or explanations. You could probably go into all kinds of conspiracy theory shit over this, couldn’t you?

There’s also a page entitled %20Home, which features what looks like a diagram of a computer network, as well as some code (is it Ruby on Rails)? The different arrows on the diagram lead to other similar diagrams.

Finally, there’s what appears to be a simulation of an aircraft instrument panel:

Where did you learn to fly?

Strangely, if you click the squares on the white grid in the middle, they take you to websites that you’ve recently visited. I looked at the source code, and indeed that is true (it’s still a little creepy though):

So, what do I make of all this? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just for fun, or the creator could actually be working on some kind of experiment. Still, if that’s the case, it makes very little sense to the outside observer.

For those of you who went and visited the site, do you have any theories?

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