Interview with P5ych0N37 (Admin of Psycho Social Network)

At various points on this blog, I’ve talked about Psycho Social Network, which is one of my favorite social networks on Tor. In fact, it’s become one of my regular hangouts.

In keeping with that, I finally decided to interview P5ych0N37, who is the creator and admin of the site. I found his answers to be enlightening, and, of course, psycho!

By the way, if you haven’t visited Psycho Social Network yet, check us out at http://psycnets7z6tvqpa.onion/. You never know; you might make some friends!

Secrets of the Dark: You are the creator of Psycho Social Network. Can you explain a bit about why you created it and how it’s different from other social networks?

P5ych0N37: I simply couldn’t find a place on either the dark web or clearnet where you are not under constant attack on your freedom to post anything, so I built one. Why should someone else prescribe what is acceptable for me? We all have darker tendencies, some are darker than others, but it is important to have a place where one can be oneself, without retribution, rejection or humiliation. With this, I believe we have succeeded on PSN1.0 and that is what is making us different.

SoTD: How long have you been active on Tor, and how do you think it’s changed since you first started using it?

P5ych0N37: I’ve become active on TOR since around I’ve started playing with Debian. My Linux virginity broke with Debian Etch or v4, I think it was back in 2008-ish. The same time I came to the conclusion that Facebook’s new JS scripts are invasive as fuck, that M$ is a bad actor and once you buy an iPhone you are entering into a one-way contract with its maker. I guess it was around this time I revolted against anything capitalist and [resigned] myself to Pura vida….open-source. As for TOR’s progression, TOR has definitely become more mainstream, but I guess that is mostly due to curiosity and not so much for the value of anonymity.

SoTD: Many people seem to expect sites similar to yours on the dark web (e.g. gore pictures). Have you come across any others that have those things in common?

P5ych0N37: Interesting question because to be honest, I have not come across many gore-like sites on the dark web; in fact, there are far worse sites on the clearnet:)

SoTD: What are some other onion sites that you tend to hang out on if any?

P5ych0N37: Fresh Onions…my favorite. I enjoy seeing what pops up as new. Then I run an OnionScan and other custom tools to check for IP leaks; [it’s] sort of a hobby for me.

SoTD: Prior to starting PSN, did you have any other sites?

P5ych0N37: Yes I did indeed. Two other well-known sites, which I can’t name. Sorry!

SoTD: Do people in your real life (offline) know about your site?

P5ych0N37: Absolutely not. It’s better that way.

SoTD: Do you feel that anonymity and privacy are important things right now, in an age where practically everything is tracked?

P5ych0N37: Without a doubt. There will come a time, where we will take up arms. A time where the next great revolution will be to protect our freedom and privacy. Winter is coming!

SoTD: A number of Tor hidden services have been seized by law enforcement. Are you ever concerned that this will happen to PSN?

P5ych0N37: Well, yes and no. For one, we do not hide anything illegal, so we are not regarded as a high-value target. This might potentially change if someone on the site acts out on their fantasies, fucks up, and it all points to us…fuck it. So be it!

 SoTD: What are some of your interests, other than the obvious?

P5ych0N37: I love the ocean and I love my boat..need not say much more.

SoTD: A friend of yours started the site Vengeance. What are your thoughts on that site?

P5ych0N37: The dark web and all it has to offer is much like the real-life drug world. As soon as one cartel is taken down (PinkMeth), another pops up….enter Vengeance. There will always be a demand for revenge porn. Period.

SoTD: I’ve seen several other sites that claim to offer gory videos and such on Tor. Do you think it’s likely that these are scams?

P5ych0N37: When it comes to the dark web, 99.9% of the time, whenever there is money involved and it is not verifiable like through a reputable market with escrow/feedback system, it is most likely to be a scam. You might as well donate those coins to PSN1.0 to help with the costs of running a site like ours.

 SoTD: What is the source of your profile picture? (It’s very intriguing!)

P5ych0N37: is actually from a band member from Die Antwoord (although I don’t understand what the fuck they singing)…I guess it comes down to music choice. I’m a hard rock fan and my favorites are of course FlyLeaf, Halestorm, We are the Fallen, Die Antwoord (profile pic) and Fit For Rivals so for me choosing an avatar it was a no brainer to look to something psycho.

SoTD: Do you believe that there’s too much censorship on the internet as a whole today?

P5ych0N37: Absolutely. This ties in nicely with your previous question on tracking. There is only two simple reasons why we are being tracked and under constant surveillance: The first is easy. MONEY! Remarketing, getting you to buy stuff you don’t need. Secondly, but much more sinister, Government want to feel safe. They cannot have citizens doing and thinking as they please. Ever watched the movie Ant Bully? The scene where the grasshopper explained to the other grasshoppers that you cannot afford to let even one tiny little ant stand up against you. Go check it out if you haven’t yet…excellent analogy of how scared governments are.

SoTD: Because of the somewhat controversial nature of PSN, has anyone ever threatened you about it?

P5ych0N37: Hate mail, hate DMs on the site, death threats, people telling me how I am involved in the devil’s work, blah blah blah. You cannot let stuff like that get to you and to achieve that you have to have an open mind to understand where these people are coming from. All they want is to be heard. I usually just reply respectfully…then I ban their asses. lol.

SoTD: Do you have any other projects in the works, or ideas for future onion sites?

P5ych0N37: We are currently working on two very exciting projects. The one I cannot disclose at the moment but the other I can say that I am part of [a] project called PRETIUM, that you will be hearing of a lot in the coming months.S

20 thoughts on “Interview with P5ych0N37 (Admin of Psycho Social Network)”

  1. I like this dude coz he really engages with us on the site. I’ve been on psycho network since I read about it here a couple of months ago and it is definitely one of the better social media sites on the deep web. Good article though, where can we find out more about this pretium?

      1. Quote ” P5ych0N37: We are currently working on two very exciting projects. The one I cannot disclose at the moment but the other I can say that I am part of [a] project called PRETIUM, that you will be hearing of a lot in the coming months.”

  2. i saw ur post on psycho network. good blog. you are also mod there. i talked with other mod there sinisterdoll666 and she is awesome. i think u guys are doing great job keeping site clean for us to use and i like going back to that site.
    good job!

  3. Hey PSN has been seized, any more informations about that ? Does any other PSN will open soon ? Feel really lonely now.

    1. PSN is revived and is now called GuanXi. its at

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