A “New” Grams? Probably Not

A Reddit user I was talking to recently said that he had found a bitcoin mixer by using the Grams search engine and that the mixer appeared to have scammed him.

To my knowledge, the real Grams closed down on December 9, 2017: Grams (search) – Wikipedia.

Knowing how many clone sites and scam sites exist on Tor, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to capitalize on Grams’ former notoriety and popularity by setting up a fake site (similar to what people have done with The Silk Road).

The “new” Grams is located at http://grams7enqfy4nieo.onion/ – while you can visit it, I would treat it with suspicion, as I hadn’t heard any coverage about it from reliable news outlets, or anything of that nature. The site has a “clearnet link” that’s more of a preview, as you can’t do any searching from it: https://grams.link/

I’m all the more suspicious now that someone says they’ve been scammed by a link found on that search engine. Like the original, the “new” Grams also has Helix Light (which was a bitcoin tumbler), as well as Flow, which was a URL shortcut.

As I always say, however, I’m not out to make enemies, but I’m wary of a lot of people’s claims as well, particularly when so many people have already been scam victims.

You can use it if you want, but at least verify the links of any markets that come up.

If the developers want to come on here and leave hate comments, feel free. Or can you prove that your service is legit?

6 thoughts on “A “New” Grams? Probably Not”

      1. completely my fault for being not educated enough initially, but I learned quickly. Seems like there are very few trustworthy mixers left but I ended up finding one!

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