Fresh Onions Has Returned!

NOTE: I’m not sure if the new Fresh Onions is by the original programmer or is just a clone site. Be careful, as always.

One of my readers, Yza Bella, kindly informed me that Fresh Onions, as I suspected, has moved to a v3 onion address. Want to know what it is? Sure you do:

Fresh Onions

It looks the same as the original, but as I mentioned on another post, v3 onions have better cryptography (specifically elliptic curve cryptography or ECC) – they don’t simply have 56 characters just for fun!

In any case, I don’t know what else to say about it. Some of the newer links are also v3 onions, but as usual, you have your mix of scam sites, clone sites, and then the interesting stuff.

For those of you who like to explore, as I do, this is a good site for that kind of thing. It’s worth noting that while scrolling through it, I came across yet another “red room,” which I’m sure is a scam, but they might kill you just for fun:

Only kidding! Seriously…don’t waste your money.

If you request it, readers, I’ll do some more exploring. What do you think?

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