Daisy’s Destruction (Analyzed)

NOTE: I have not actually watched this video; the information here is from research and what I have been told by others.

What prompted this post was that I still see a lot of people on r/deepweb (and elsewhere) ask about the film Daisy’s Destruction. I assume this is because of two things: 1. it’s reached urban legend status, and 2. if you tell people they can’t have something, they want it even more.

So I thought I’d attempt to write about the truth of the matter (or at least as much as I could find with research). You may know the name, Peter Scully. The Wikipedia article on him (though it apparently needs updating) does provide some factual information: Wikipedia – Peter Scully.

From what I actually know about it, it’s not just one video, but a series of videos made by Scully’s production company No Limits Fun. As the Wikipedia article points out, the videos were so extreme that for a time, they were regarded as an urban legend (and thus where the rumors and lies come from).

One of the urban legends surrounding Daisy’s Destruction is that it’s a snuff film, which, technically, it’s not. While the girls in the film endured horrific torture and abuse, they were not killed. That isn’t to be disrespectful to the victims in any way; I simply wanted to point out what I believe is the truth surrounding this.

My fellow blogger Eileen Ormsby, who writes All Things VICE, covered this story in some detail: You wanted darker web?

Continue research here!

She actually attended the trial of Matthew David Graham (a.k.a. Lux), who ran several notorious hurtcore sites, including Hurt 2 The Core, Love 2 The Core, and PedoEmpire. Scully was a member of Hurt 2 The Core, which was probably where he found some of his audience members.

While I haven’t watched the actual video of Daisy’s Destruction (and don’t plan on doing so), supposedly there are places you can still download it from Tor. To be honest, I’m not into hurting children (in fact, quite the opposite), but if that’s your thing, I’m sure you can find it if you really want. I’m not linking to it, though.

Ormsby actually makes a very interesting point about the video:

Vile and disturbing as the series was, it was not snuff. People conflated two stories about Scully – he created Daisy’s Destruction, a series of four films which depicted rape and torture of several young girls; he was also arrested for murder of a child whose body was found in his house. However, toddler Daisy was found to be alive and put into care, as were other children in the videos. The deceased girl’s murder may have been filmed, but no evidence has surfaced that this was the case.

It appears that the details of the murder case have been conflated with several other stories, which led to the idea that “Daisy” was murdered on film.

So, is that not dark enough for you? Despite the fact that Scully and Lux are now in prison, I imagine there are probably other sites like theirs still in existence.

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