Interview with NarcoTrafficante (of Gangstas Paradise)

Those of you who regularly keep up with dark web related news may have heard of the site Gangstas Paradise. If not, it’s a forum for the discussion of things like darknet markets, hacking, and the occasional conspiracy theory (or so it seems).

I recently interviewed/chatted with their admin, who goes by NarcoTrafficante, and he had some interesting things to say.

NOTE: The opinions shared here are the express views of NarcoTrafficante and do not reflect the opinions of Secrets of the Dark.

Secrets of the Dark: Many people have claimed that your site is a scam. What would you say in response to this?

NarcoTrafficante: Who am I scamming with a forum?

SotD: How does Gangsta’s Paradise differ from other similar markets or forums?

NT: The difference is we you don’t need to sign up to post and all we censor is the scams HugeFucker leave[s] there.

SotD: Is there a competition taking place between you, DeepDotWeb, and Dread right now? If so, why?

NT: They aren’t competition; we will all see soon. 

4. You describe your site as an “uncensored forum”; is there any type of material that you don’t allow?

NT: Pedo shit that you would find on DeepDotWeb[‘s] cp news website.

SotD: A number of Tor sites (e.g. Silk Road, AlphaBay, Hansa) have been shut down by law enforcement in recent years. Do you think this might be a problem for you in the future?

NT: I don’t know.

SotD: Someone recently called GP the “4chan of the darknet.” How do you feel about a label like that?

NT: 🙂

SotD: Do you feel that GP has a good sense of community? (In other words, do people make friends and find allies on the site?)

NT: GP is where the community started again.

SotD: What is your past experience with Tor or other similar darknets (I2P, Freenet)? Do you have other sorts of businesses you run?

NT: Carding services on the clearnet.

SotD: If your security were compromised in some way, what actions might you take to resolve the problem?

NT: Kill the hackers.

SotD: What are your thoughts on sites that claim to be red rooms, hitmen services, and things of that nature?

They may be real, maybe not. There are some sick fucks out there. Look at Deep Dot Web. Pedos are real.

SotD: Do you have any plans to expand beyond your current site at the present time?

NT: Say goodbye to the old.

SotD: Were your site to be seized, do you think that would be the end of your business in its entirety?

If that happens Narco may need to suck dick for fent once again. But, let’s not hope that is the case.

P.S. There was a second part to the interview which I haven’t yet published. If people are interested, I’ll do that in a second post.

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