Don’t Call Momo?! (Warning: Contains Momo)

I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of hype about the whole Momo thing again recently. My fellow blogger orcaflotta had suggested I add some “variety” to the blog:

She clarified this morning that what she meant were “stories,” which are a passion of mine, believe it or not! To my knowledge, this entire Momo situation is a hoax (much like many of the dark web urban legends – go figure!). 

One of the places where I first heard about Momo was through ReignBot (yes, I’m a ReignBot fanboy), on her video Exploring the Momo Situation. Unlike some clickbaity videos on the subject, I feel that ReignBot explained it in a logical and sensible way, with humor included. Boo!


For those who don’t know, the image comes from a sculpture that is the creation of artist Keisuke Aiso (the original contains some nudity – should I post it?). I assume that it was intended to be creepy (which, I’ll admit, it is), but as I’ve said several times, I’m a horror junkie, so it doesn’t affect me that way.

Around the time that I came into this legend, you could talk to Momo via WhatsApp, which I attempted to do, without much success. The account does exist, but I never got a reply back from it. Supposedly some people have, and the messages contained gore pictures and the like. If only I were so lucky!

I had a similar experience when trying to call Boothworld Industries (630-296-7536), which I believe started with this creepypasta: r/nosleep – Boothworld Industries. The number is real, and there is a voicemail message, but if you go by some YouTubers, the number called them back! I never experienced this; maybe I was too late to that game.

Anyhow, supposedly the reason that the Momo legend resurfaced is that there have been some children’s videos into which Momo has been edited, and she’s been urging children to commit suicide. Personally, I haven’t seen any of the videos in question, but I could understand why it would be disturbing to a parent.

Even so, like the Blue Whale Challenge before it, I think this thing is mostly a lot of hype, and will die down eventually.

If you are actually suicidal and plan on participating in a game like this, then please – get some help: I’m not just talking out of my ass – I was in that place once, and know how you feel.

Readers, as always, what are your thoughts on this? I love to hear your feedback.

Don’t let Momo get to you, OK?

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