To My Haters! (Part 2)

I’ve noticed that ever since publishing the interview with the admin of Gangsta’s Paradise, I’ve been getting a flood of hate comments.

Let me clarify something – when I interview someone, it’s not necessarily an endorsement of them, their site, or their business. I merely want to ask them some questions and get responses. Whether or not those responses are accurate or truthful is an entirely different matter!

The reason this whole thing started is that I wanted to interview people from some sites that seem to be feuding with one another on Tor lately, including Dread and Gangstas Paradise. I’ve heard some very colorful comments about both, from both sides.

Whether you support one side or the other isn’t my focus. Many publications have done the same thing – I’d just call that a writer/reporter thing.

I’m aware that Tor is full of scams, honeypots, etc., but I give people a voice. If I have done something other than what I’ve stated here, then come at me, bro! (Sarcasm…sarcasm.)

On the other hand, I suppose there’s no such thing as bad press; I just wasn’t accustomed to such an influx of vitriol. So, does that clear things up?

As for the post about Daisy’s Destruction and Peter Scully, in no way do I endorse him or what he did. I merely used his picture because I generally want to have a “featured image” on each post. Perhaps that was in poor taste. I replaced the image, but I’m leaving the post up for informational purposes.

Anyhow, having said that, I feel much better. I know you can’t please everyone. Eh, it’s the dark web, and it’s controversial. What did I expect – right?

I plan on doing more interviews in the near future. Stay cool, dark web.

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