About Those Random Onion Links…

Someone commented on my post A Few Pseudo-Random Onion Links a while back and said that none of them worked. To be honest, I expected that to be the case.

The onion links I had shared in that particular post were from All Onion Services, which lists every single possible onion site (online or not). So, the chances of a human finding an online onion link from that list are very small.

If you missed the posts where I talked about that site, it has two different onion links, one being v2 and the other v3: http://jld3zkuo4b5mbios.onion/ and All Onion Services v3, respectively.

The problem, as the author of the site, Matt Traudt, points out, is that there aren’t very many online onion services. Clicking on a bunch of random ones probably isn’t going to take you anywhere. For instance, just now I clicked on some “random” onion links from the list, http://xy4pn36ez23rycy5.onion and yctwmdd3ypwu3y5b.onion, and they appeared to be offline (which I figured would happen).

So, then, I’m assuming you readers want some that are online (and are interesting, to boot)? Well then, for those of you who notified me that Fresh Onions is down, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s up again, at http://vps7nsnlz3n4ckiie5evi5oz2znes7p57gmrvundbmgat22luzd4z2id.onion/.

You may notice that there’s a tab that says “Red Room”; I’m pretty certain that’s a scam. I did find a few links on it that may be of interest to you, though:

http://shadowdvttuvtxfd.onion/ – Low Price ACCESS to the Shadow Web (yeah, that one again). Just don’t give them your money.

http://fsocie3diwtymprg.onion/ – f**society, which I assume is similar to the site I wrote about in f-Society: Hackers’ Social Network?. At the time, the site was on the clearnet, but maybe they had legal issues. I plan on checking this one out and writing about it in the near future.

http://torrentssrptqret.onion/ – TOR Torrent Directory

http://t7avtdqkyrjzrk54jo5r52gr4rsfewvtzcndrcfhtdaowtqt2dfm32qd.onion/ – “Illegal Criminal Organization” (hacking group, apparently)

http://4m4d7jbfwfq6riion2e7jcpasvn23m7hcgt2gyc7wnqwqp27e5r7a2yd.onion/ – Dark Hall

http://iggv35owfk6d5bzf5e63xtekcofjkoiggfcthmjhe46zws4y47ucmqad.onion/ РLibros de programación

If you want more links, just check out the Fresh Onions site. Some of them definitely appear to be scams, but if you’re just exploring, then have fun.

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