South32 Goes After Me!

Well, it finally happened. After writing about “South32” several times, they decided to go after me in a similar manner to what they did to Elder’s Vault (albeit on a much smaller scale).

It was a mutual Twitter follower of ours that alerted me to this. I was going to take a screenshot of the site, but both screenshot and right click are disabled, so here’s the link: is a cheater and liar

The description reads, “ is a cheater liar gets paid to lie about anyone south32” The author of the comment, not surprisingly, is “luigi bian.” I assure you folks that I’m not a cheater and liar, but given that I said some rather negative things about the South32 site, I could see why Mr. Bian would be irritated – look what he did to Elder’s Vault!

It’s worth noting that one of my readers contacted me regarding this subject, and wrote this:

I have a theory behind South32. If you research Luigi, you’ll find he’s actually a famous domainsquatter [sic]. There are a bunch of articles about people having issues with him and his companies while trying to make websites. One of these companies is the mining company South32. I think he had the domain of South32, and they refused to use his site and used instead, he got upset he was losing so much money. This articles says they asked for $10 million and refused it.

I think he made the movie South32 because of this and is trying to secure rights to the South32 name and spread all of this strange, creepy stuff in order to somehow convince the mining company to pay him. The fact he is filling up so much of the internet and making connections to human trafficking, porn, and other illegal things, despite them not seeming to real make this seem true. The sites also seems to be trying to connect defaming things to the South32 CEO, many “sexoholic pornoholic” and calling him a pig, in an attempt for him to buy the site. In many sites and posts by them, they seem to be asking for billions of dollars for company and domain name, which I think also supports this idea.

This seems like a very valid theory, and is much more plausible than the whole human trafficking organization idea (though I know that that sort of thing goes on, of course). Here’s the site for the mining company in question:

It still seems odd that someone would go to all this trouble just over a domain name, but I can’t explain everyone’s behavior. People do some crazy shit on the internet, don’t they?

Anyhow, Luigi, there’s no need to take it any farther than this – I was merely curious about what was going on, and decided to look into it. Let’s not be enemies, OK?

So then, does that make this “mystery solved”?

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