btw I use arch? (Not Quite Yet)

So, for a less controversial and more lighthearted post…

I’m in the process of installing Arch Linux, with some help from my friend “silly” over at MadIRC. I’m not finished installing it yet, so I can’t officially say “I use Arch” yet, but I’ll get there eventually.

To tell the truth, I’m using QEMU to emulate Arch, but it’s close enough. While technically, you could say it’s “installed” already, I haven’t finished the process of setting it up.

Not my screenshot, but close enough.

Similar to what happens when I code, I keep running into little hang-ups when executing the required commands on the terminal, etc.

Perhaps what I need to do is just go through the process myself, mistakes and all, and learn from it. That’s how you should do all coding, right?

Understand – I don’t need to use Arch, or Gentoo, or any other distro. However, the fact that I’m still relatively new to Linux has made me want to take every possible learning opportunity I get.

If I were following the ArchWiki, I would be about at this section here:

Why don’t I continue from there, and see how far I get? I expect that at any point, I’ll be back on MadIRC saying, “Guys, I’m stuck on Arch again!”

Those of you who are Linux experts probably think this all sounds easy, but think of it like teaching your grandma to use a computer if she’s never used one before.

Learning Linux in general feels like learning a new language, in a sense – you won’t be fluent overnight, right?

Anyhow, I haven’t given up on Arch yet, but I’m trying to juggle it with all the other projects I have on my plate. Guess I’ll have to squeeze in some time to get it finished.


10 thoughts on “btw I use arch? (Not Quite Yet)

  1. ¡Hola Secretguy!
    You wanna get a fukn Arch running on your kompjuda or just see the world burn? Install Antergos, Manjaro or my fave Namib or any of the other, more curated Arch derivatives. They all come with graphical installer, mostly Calamares, and are installed in a matter of a couple minutes.
    But what do I know? You do you!

    1. Aha, ok! Well this all started because my IRC friends were teasing me about it, as I said. I’ll have to check those other distros out. I think I wanted to experience the challenge of doing it all from the terminal, although I’ve sort of experienced that once, when I messed up my system and had nothing but the terminal! (Briefly.)

  2. DNGate gate is coming out next week. New market that will end dreads scams. Atleast to the people in the know.

      1. But this isn’t Narco. Just a random DNGate Market shill. I heard you inspired Narco and a new website is coming out shortly. Keep up the good fight.

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