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I mentioned this briefly before, but I started an alternate blog on secretsofthedark for more “tech review” related subjects. (I haven’t abandoned this blog, however.)

Part of the reason for the second blog is because people (on IRC, that is) kept giving me flack about using WordPress! This article on called The biggest problems with WordPress mentions just a few of them. Yes, I know, it sucks…so what? I think I’m lazy sometimes and don’t always feel like coding everything (which would explain why I’m not using Gentoo yet either).

Another reason that I chose, however, is that it’s also available over Tor at http://writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion! As with anything new that I try out (like WeeChat, for instance!), it’s taking me some getting used to, but I’ll have fun with it.

So, you can officially say I’m on the dark web now. Anyhow, thus far I’ve written about the I2P Browser and Invidious over there. I have some ideas for other subjects as well, but as I always say, readers, if you have other suggestions (for either blog), I’m happy to hear them!

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