More Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2019 (Sometimes)

Several people have asked on Twitter or in comments asking how to earn bitcoin. As with “normal” money, there’s no simple way that works 100% of the time, but I know of several methods; some take much longer than others and don’t necessarily deliver on their promises.

As Bitcoin Chaser mentions on The Best Bitcoin Apps of 2019, there are several mobile apps that help you earn bitcoin, although it probably takes a lot of time to earn a significant amount.

The first app they mention, Bitcoin Billionaire, is just a game that plays with the idea of bitcoin, but doesn’t actually pay anything. The second one, Free Bitcoin, does, although as you might expect, this doesn’t happen overnight.

The way this app works is that you watch ads which, in turn, pay you satoshi (and eventually BTC). Be that as it may, if you go by the reviews on the Play Store, you can only earn up to a certain amount before the app says that your account is “locked” and it cannot deposit the coins. In all honesty, the whole thing sounds like a scam, but what did you expect?

I’d mentioned on this blog several years ago that there was an app called BitMaker, through which I earned my first fraction of a bitcoin. The app in question is now called Storm Play, but the concept is more or less the same: try out new games and products or complete tasks and earn bitcoin in the process. As with any other apps of this type, it can take quite some time to earn a significant amount, but at the very least, I can say that this app did pay eventually.

For instance, one of the tasks you can do, sponsored by Groupon, is this:

Make a purchase on Purchase value must exceed $10. Groupon Bucks may not be used. Only the first purchase per click will be considered.

Another involves the game Vikings: War of Clans (the RPG, that is), which you may recognize from some YouTube ads if you haven’t played it already. It’s fun and all, but what’s the catch? You have to install a separate app, play the game, and reach level 12. Upon doing so, you’re rewarded with 570,000 “Bolts” (a cryptocurrency that’s the smaller unit of Storm Tokens). Think of it this way: Bolts are to satoshis as Storm Tokens are to bitcoins.

One other downside to this app, unfortunately, is that it consumes a lot of battery power (which is probably the case with any bitcoin mining/earning app). If that isn’t a problem for you, then try this one out.

A third app of this type is called Alien Run (another game), and like the previous ones, you earn bitcoin by playing the game and watching in-game ads (which is where the payout comes from).

Like the other apps mentioned here, it takes quite a bit of playing to actually earn much, and it’s questionable as to whether the time and effort is worth it.

Personally, I’ve earned most of my bitcoin from writing (though it’s been a minute). I’ve had much better luck with this than any of the bitcoin games. I’ve also earned a few from bitcoin exchanges like Eobot. If this interests you, readers, it’s a subject I can delve into more. What are your thoughts?

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