Pwned Again? (Well, Sort Of)

So, even after finding a bunch of my personal details on Doxbin, an IRC friend of mine shared this link with me: http://dumpedlqezarfife.onion/ – it’s a database of 1.4 billion dumped passwords (if you go by the description). Presumably it’s accurate.


I searched for several of my email addresses on it, and found three passwords that I used to use in there (albeit not recent ones). Yeah, they are pretty shitty passwords, if I do say so myself, like “vile13pig13.” As I mentioned on the posts about Doxbin (shout out to Doxbin!), I had made lots of these passwords before I knew about things like KeePass, BitWarden, and Diceware.

Side note: the inspiration for that particular password was this cartoon:

Oddly enough, as I did on and, I typed in several email addresses that I thought were ficititious, and they turned out to be real ones! Not only that, in some cases, these email addresses had numerous listings associated with them.


While I don’t want to expose any one person’s email address, some of the passwords listed were things like:

  1. offspring
  2. welcome
  3. aaa222
  4. doitnow1
  5. 112659
  6. 123456
  7. abc123
  8. babyslayer

That last one disturbs me a little to be honest; I won’t ask. The admin of the site in question also has a shop called Hack Shop, on which you can buy the dumps as well as instructions on hacking, several types of software (such as Antidetect 7.6), and other things.

Screenshot from 2019-04-28 20-24-17

I can’t verify whether any of these sales are legit or not; do so at your own risk. Anyway, as you can see, we all make mistakes, but that’s the best tool for learning, isn’t it? Well, hey…at least my password wasn’t “babyslayer.”

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