A Darknet Market List, Eh?

Someone who apparently owns a promotional blog for Empire Market called, appropriately, Empire Market, left a comment with a list of current darknet markets.

Oddly enough, they didn’t list every market, so it might just be partner sites of Empire Market – care to elaborate on this, Anon? It may be a coincidence, but I’ve actually been working on a list of darknet markets myself; it just isn’t complete yet. The reason for this is I’d been comparing it against several existing lists, and making sure that the URLs were accurate. As resources, I’ve been using sites like dark.fail, DarknetLive, and Dread to find official links. So maybe I ought to finish this project! (The pressure is on.)

I’m also working on reviewing some of these markets as well; I understand that there’s risk involved with trying the products, but they sell other things besides drugs. You knew that, right? (My interest is more on the digital side of things; or maybe if someone is selling their soul, I’d be into that.)

In a sense, DarknetLive has replaced DeepDotWeb as far as a news site goes, though. Anyhow, so yes, I’m working on this project; it will just take a little time. When I have some of these reviews up, I’ll let people know.

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