It’s Been A While!

Good morning, readers! Yes, I’ve away for a bit, working on other projects. Nonetheless, I assure you that I haven’t been murdered in a red room or anything of that nature (don’t get any ideas).

In actuality, I’ve been doing some freelance writing on other sites, and working on my portfolio. I’ve also been exploring the “internet mysteries” that people seem to love so much.

Some of the interesting YouTubers that I’ve mentioned in the past (Nexpo, Elder’s Vault, and Reignbot) have covered a few of these mysteries lately, and I’m interested in digging into them myself. One of them was the “ERRATAS” mystery, although it looks as if that one’s just another ARG trying to be edgy. I feel rather disappointed when that turns out to be the case.

As always, if any of you have requests or suggestions, I’d be happy to cover those as well. Anyhow, this was just a brief update – I’ll have some more posts coming out shortly.

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