Fresh Onions Has Disappeared (Again)

It appears that some of the most popular posts on this blog revolve around the site Fresh Onions, which has come and gone several times under different admins. Unfortunately, the most recent link to it, which the post Fresh Onions: The Latest Incarnation (And Other Link Lists) mentioned, is down once again, permanently.

Even so, there are quite a few other link lists in existence; the advantage of Fresh Onions (as that earlier post pointed out) was that it used torscraper, which would continually find new onion links that were online (most of the time). One of the closest sites that’s working right now is Tor66, which I had also mentioned in an earlier blog post. I hadn’t checked out this site for quite some time, and it’s been updated a lot since the last date where I dropped by.


I suspect that it may be run by the same operators as the TORCH search engine (due to its similar style), or may at least use the same source code. The other reason for this is that it promotes comparable “marketplaces,” which may be scams. Approach these with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Anyhow, Tor66 has a link entitled “Fresh Onions,” which shows recently scraped onions (in an analogous manner to the defunct site):

Tor66’s “fresh onions” feature

If you’re just looking to explore (and it seems many readers here are), this is one of the sites that would be an excellent tool for that. The same site has a “Random Onions” button, which lists 10 random onion sites at a time, as well as a search function.

Besides this site, there is a newer version of The Hidden Wiki, although as before, it’s aimed at newcomers and is (as expected) littered with scams. For simply exploring links, it’s fine, but don’t trust any of the financial links or marketplaces: The Hidden Wiki 2019 v3 onion. In that regard, it’s the same as it always has been. As with Wikipedia, anyone can edit it, so it would be easy for anyone to add scam links to it (and they have).

One other site which I happen to like (and I believe I mentioned in the earlier Fresh Onions post) is Daniel Winzen’s onion link list. It, too, now has a v3 onion address, but it looks about the same as before.

Daniel Winzen list

As Fresh Onions used to, it has a list of “Last added” onions, plus the added bonus of being sorted into categories, so I suggest you check this one out. There are other link lists as well, but these seem to be the best in terms of the number of links available and the factor of being updated frequently.

Note: if it’s darknet markets or things of that nature that you’re looking for, I would recommend or Darknet Live, as they have frequent updates and are free of phishing links.

If you have others to suggest, leave a comment. In the case that Fresh Onions does pop up again under a different URL, I’ll share it here, but in the meantime, you’re on your own.

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