Has COVID-19 Affected the Dark Web?

With all the madness surrounding COVID-19 that’s happening right now, you may wonder if it’s affected the dark web (and its business, of course). That doesn’t appear to be the case, although it remains to be seen whether things could get worse.

An article on Darknet Live entitled Coronavirus Has Not Stopped the United States Postal Service may prove reassuring to those who conduct business on the dark web, particularly if they are shipping goods of some sort. The article states:

In an email to Informed Delivery users, the Postal Service informed customers that “normal operations are continuing” even though businesses and schools across the country are shutting down or closing early. As long as person-to-person contact is limited, there is very little reason to suspend package delivery; according to the Center for Disease Control, the virus is spread mainly from person-to-person.

Other than this, a quick search on Tor (not Evil, specifically) shows that there doesn’t seem to be much talk about COVID-19 on any .onion sites.

One of the results that came up was a NY Times article, but the article was from back in 2013, surprisingly. Part of the reason for this may be that the search engines haven’t indexed the recent news stories about the disease, but that’s merely a guess.

dark.fail, however (which is one of the primary resources for darknet market links) does address the possibility of COVID-19 affecting those who use substances:

Coronavirus harm reduction: Drug and alcohol users are at increased risk during this pandemic. Read Yale’s guidance for people who use substances on COVID-19. “Be prepared for involuntary withdrawal… stock up on things you may need to manage your substance use and practice harm reduction.”

Respect lockdowns. Self quarantine if you are feeling symptoms. Wash your hands regularly, disinfect packages when interacting with mail.

If this doesn’t seem convincing, more information may be available on some of the forums and chat rooms.

P.S. I realize that I haven’t written anything for quite some time. Been busy with “real life” stuff!

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