Kilos and Recon: The Current Grams Search Engines

Those of you who know Tor well may remember a search engine called Grams, on which you could find darknet markets and search for products. When authorities shut down Alphabay and Hansa Market in July 2017, the owners of Grams terminated the site (presumably in order to avoid the same fate).

At present, two newer search engines have taken up that mantle: Kilos and Recon. Kilos is located at http://dnmugu4755642434.onion/, and Recon is located at http://reconponydonugup.onion/. (Source: Kilos also has mirrors at Kilos v3 onion and Kilos I2P address.

Kilos has a very similar appearance to Grams, and functions in much the same way. Though you have to fill out a CAPTCHA to prove that you’re human (as on most markets), once you get past that, you can freely search markets for any product that you have in mind.

The Kilos search engine

As you would have on Grams, you can search Kilos for products, e.g. DMT, psylocybin, edibles, etc. You may have to try several different search terms if the item is more obscure, of course.

Kilos, like most markets, also has several search filters: minimum price, maximum price, currency, market, shipping origin, shipping destination, product class, and which cryptocurrencies are accepted (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and Monero). Therefore, a sample search might be:

  1. molly
  2. Currency: EUR
  3. Minimum Price: 9.5
  4. Maximum Price: 401.5
  5. Sort by: Relevance
  6. Market: Empire
  7. Ships from: Germany
  8. Ships to: Australia
  9. Class: Physical
  10. Accepts: BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR

Kilos, like its predecessor Grams, also features a bitcoin mixer, or an option to swap bitcoin with Monero. Monero is considered to have better anonymity, plus some markets only accept Monero.

Additionally, Kilos has a live chat option, in which you can ask questions, make complaints, etc., and a bare bones forum called Faceless, which is quite the anti-Facebook. For security reasons, Faceless does not allow you to register accounts, which reduces the chance of spam and law enforcement intervention, and also uses fake profile photos.


Recon, like Kilos, is also a darknet market search engine, but is associated with the forum Dread. Besides just doing a general search, you can also look up vendors if you know their usernames or public PGP keys.

As on Kilos, you can do a search for any product that comes to mind, and narrow down the results using these filters: market, shipping country, maximum price, and minimum price.

You can also filter results by “best match,” “newest,” or “price.” It should be noted that at the current time, Kilos only searches the markets CannaHome, Cannazon, Empire, Monopoly, Versus, and White House (because they are some of the top markets, presumably).

One of the major contributors to Kilos is Gwern Branwen, who scraped much of the archived data used by the search engine. Check out his site as well.

To sum up, either of these search engines can be helpful in your darknet market treasure hunt, but they each have their idiosyncrasies and challenges. As with learning any new software, it will take some time to familiarize yourself with the functions and results. Hopefully they’ll both be around for a while.

4 thoughts on “Kilos and Recon: The Current Grams Search Engines”

  1. Hi, I am the owner of Kilos. If you would like to chat you should contact me at the details on my website in /contact.txt. Nice article!

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