Where to Find Onion Links in 2020 (Part 2)

Ah, onion links – they’re so elusive, aren’t they? Actually, there are lots of places that you can look them up, but people don’t always know where to look, other than the Hidden Wiki.

The previous post, Where to Find Onion Links 2020, had mentioned a number of sites that list onion links. Someone had commented on that post that onionurl.org is another good source of links; it is, but the links consist mostly of darknet markets, like those on darknetlive.com or dark.fail.

Darknet market links on onionurl.org

Of the markets they list, some of the ones included are:

Strangely enough, some of these markets aren’t ones that I had come across before, despite having made an effort to keep up with developments in this area; I’ll probably review some of these in the future. Another good source for market links is Raptor, which also indicates if a marketplace has been DDoSed or compromised. There are a number of other link lists on the clearnet as well, although like the Hidden Wiki, they contain numerous scams. If your intent is just to explore, then that’s not something to really worry about, of course.

For instance, TheDarkWebLinks.com lists a number of marketplaces, hacking services, etc., but a good portion of these appear to be scams. Even on the most up-to-date link lists, this will probably be the case. The thought has actually occurred of creating a new Fresh Onions, but this would of course entail maintaining the site constantly, which can be difficult when you have 100 other projects on your plate.

HYDRA also seems like a decent alternative, as it’s not only a link list but also monitors the online status of its links and sorts them into categories. The text is in Russian, but seems to translate fairly accurately with Google Translate. In addition, HYDRA lets you add your own links if you want to, although this also opens up the possibility of scams making their way onto the list.

Like dark.fail and Darknetlive, HYDRA has a number of darknet markets, and several other miscellaneous links. Even so, I still use a lot of the same link lists I used initially, or variations on them. Were there still a Fresh Onions, or some offshoot of it, I might be there right now…

2 thoughts on “Where to Find Onion Links in 2020 (Part 2)”

  1. I’ve always wanted to check out the Dark Web, but how do you do it without getting viruses or kiddie porn on your computer? That said I would never browse onion sites from anything other than Tails.

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