What? Another Secrets of the Dark?

A blog entitled Secrets deep web recently came up in some search results, which has an eerily similar title to this one. Is that a coincidence? Probably not, so let’s take a look.

As opposed to this blog, it’s mostly a list of Tor links with very brief descriptions. For instance, one of the sites they list is Onion Search Engine, which, obviously, is a Tor search engine like not Evil or TORCH. However, the results it comes up with are often iffy at best. As usual, if all you’re looking to do is explore, that’s fine, but expect a few phishing sites to come up.

Another of the links on their list is EvilChat, a basic Tor chat room which uses the le-chat API, used by a number of other Tor chat sites as well. While some Tor chat rooms are nefarious, this one seems OK at first glance.

A few of the other links appeared interesting as well, like OnionTube, which is essentially a Tor version of YouTube (but has different videos), and AnonGTS Forum, which is a forum for GTS (giantess) anime and vore.

To sum up, though it has a similar title to Secrets of the Dark, the two blogs don’t have that much in common, other than onion links. Nonetheless, Secrets Deep Web, it’s fair to say that both can coexist peacefully.

3 thoughts on “What? Another Secrets of the Dark?”

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