not Evil Search Engine is Gone!

Note: The search engine is back online now. I wrote a post about this recently: not Evil Search Engine has Returned! (and RapTOR)

The search engine, not Evil, which some had referred to as “the Google of Tor,” is offline and appears to be so permanently. While there are other Tor search engines, this one had always appeared to get the most relevant results (hence the nickname).

There are other such search engines, but their results seem to vary in quality and relevance. As mentioned on some earlier posts, Tor66 is a reasonably good search engine too, although it appears to be connected to TORCH, or at least uses the same API.

Tor66 search engine

In addition to being a search engine, Tor66 features a “random onions” option, similar to the one that used to be on paraZite (whose onion service no longer looks as if it’s online, either), and a “fresh onions” option, which is the closest thing to the original Fresh Onions that is known to exist right now.

paraZite’s clearnet site

People in the past had described TORCH as a scam, and while it seems unlikely that a search engine would be a scam, per se, the ads below the search bar appear to be rather fishy. It’s advised to be cautious with your money on the dark web, in general.

One of the other search engines/link lists that a previous post had mentioned was Welcome to Dark Web Links and More!, and that, too, seems to be offline permanently. It’s unknown whether or not that site has moved to a v3 onion address, but none has shown up in any recent searches.

The former link list Welcome to Dark Web Links and More!


Other than Tor66, there are a few other search engines. Submarine, which looks very similar to TORCH, and might even be affiliated with it, seems decent. For instance, “marketplace” came up with some of the following:

This isn’t to say that the results aren’t scams, just that they’re relevant to the search terms. Even when using not Evil and Grams (some of the “original” Tor search engines), scam sites would still show up in search results. Even Fresh Onions, as popular as it was, had indexed many scam sites. If it’s darknet markets you’re looking for, the best ones are probably those listed on, Darknet Live, and Darknet Stats. Alternatively, you could use the search engines Kilos or Recon, which the post Kilos and Recon: The Current Grams Search Engines talked about.

Demon Search Engine

Search Demon

Demon Search Engine, which appears to be another TORCH fork/spin-off, doesn’t work very well, in all honesty. It seems to get the same results no matter what the search terms are, and those are completely irrelevant. To be fair, this is likely because it’s brand new, and hasn’t indexed many onions yet. So, it might be a good idea to check back with this search engine once in a while to see if its index has improved.


One other search engine that’s been mentioned here before is Ahmia, which has a clearnet address as well as an onion service, at http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/. It gets pretty relevant results, although it doesn’t tend to list numerous pages of them.

One other factor that makes Ahmia intriguing is that in addition to Tor, it can also search I2P, if you go to Ahmia – I2P. There are a few other search engines that index I2P sites as well, like I2P Search. The same developers who made the latter search engine also made OnionLand Search, which is also available on Tor at http://3bbaaaccczcbdddz.onion/ and http://3bbad7fauom4d6sgppalyqddsqbf5u5p56b5k5uk2zxsy3d6ey2jobad.onion/.

Other than these search engines, there don’t seem to be many high quality ones that are functioning at the present time. If someone wants to step up and make a new not Evil (which would be big shoes to fill, honestly), the door is open!

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