Hmm…Needs More Gore (Part 4)

bloody hand

Looking at this blog’s stats, it appears that many of you readers are interested in the gore/shock sites. One of the ones that the original post mentioned, riGOREmortis, is no longer around:

Even so, there are plenty of sites who seem to want to fill that void. Best Gore, which the original post talked about, is still around and may be the best known of all gore sites, hence the title. One issue that some may take with Best Gore is its political stances (it seems to be rather antisemitic and subscribes to some conspiracy theories), but if all you’re interested in is gore, then go for it.

There are also a number of other sites like these:

  8. Gore Gallery

It should be noted, of course, that some of these sites work in conjunction with ad tracking networks, specifically, which, if you’re a privacy advocate, is the antithesis of much that’s been written about here. The uBlock Origin plugin blocked the sites for this reason. On the other hand, if you don’t really care, go right ahead and click the links!

Why are people seeking these links right now? It might have something to do with COVID-19 and being on lockdown (best guess). The social network mentioned in the previous post, GuanXi, also has quite a few images of the sort you might seek on these sites as well, so go ahead and register.

If you like these types of posts, leave a comment, and there might even be a part 5! Also, if you have any other sites to recommend that haven’t been listed here, feel free to leave those in a comment, or email, as well.

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