Is Randonautica Really Creepy?

Those of you who like creepy internet mysteries may have heard of an app recently called Randonautica. It’s been covered by several popular YouTubers as of late, like Nexpo and Barely Sociable. You can download it on Randonautica – Google Play.

As Nexpo explains in his video, the app is a sort of adventure game that generates GPS coordinates, supposedly based on your “intention,” i.e. whatever you’re thinking of at the time. Their website explains it as such:

The Randonautica app was created to encourage users to venture outside of their day-to-day routine by using a quantum random number generator to derive a coordinate to journey to. The app was developed by the global movement, The Randonauts. The phenomenon has taken the world by storm and there are millions of Randonauts exploring their surroundings in nearly every country.   

According to the developers, the data that the app generates come from  “…a quantum random number generator to derive a coordinate to journey to.” The points that it creates are referred to as “attractors” and “voids,” which you can select. The app then tells you to concentrate on your “intention,” which is the type of thing you hope to discover, such as “treasure” or “death.”

Once the app generates a location, you can get directions to it via Google Maps or two other navigation apps. In one unusual case, some teenagers using the app happened to find two dead bodies in a suitcase, which, presumably, is not the sort of thing that most people find. The bodies were those of murder victims Jessica Lewis, 35, and Austin Wenner, 27. It’s awful that this happened to them, and this post is not intended to trivialize their deaths in any way; may they rest in peace. There’s a GoFundMe page that is helping to bring attention to their case, and according to that, the police now have a suspect in custody!

Despite the horrific nature of this murder, it’s still worth noting that if you’re using an app like this and wandering into areas where you don’t normally go, there’s a higher chance that you’ll find something creepy or unusual.

The same types of things happened to some players of Pokémon Go and other games that required you to search areas with which you were unfamiliar. The difference with Randonautica is that some players are documenting their experiences with it on TikTok, and as you know with any sort of click/like-based social media, it’s all about the hype.

It’s likely that some of the people posting “creepy” videos from the app on TikTok are staging those stories, although it’s also possible they could have discovered unusual things while wandering around.

There’s a similar game to Randonautica called Ingress, which is included on some smartphones, and also has players visit random GPS coordinates. It’s more of an RPG, though.

The major difference with Ingress is that it has a fictional backstory, which you can learn more about on their site, if that interests you: In any case, what all of these seem to have in common is that they involve generating random locations and visiting them, without regard to whether or not that location may be dangerous.

If the TikTok videos aren’t staged entirely, it may just be that players of the game are going to places they aren’t familiar with. Another of Nexpo’s videos, Google Translate’s Strange Responses, made the point that if you type in broken text to Google Translate, there’s a chance that something creepy may come up. Users who did this were probably only sharing the creepiest or weirdest results, hence the idea that “Google Translate says creepy stuff!”

Have you had a scary experience with Randonautica? You’re welcome to share it in the comments, or suggest ideas on how to find one.

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