not Evil Search Engine Has Returned! (and RapTor)

As an update to the post not Evil Search Engine is Gone!, it’s pleasing to see that the search engine has returned, as it’s still one of the best Tor search engines in existence.

It seems that the developers were just doing an update or something of the sort. So this is good news. As mentioned in some of the earlier posts, the other Tor search engines often don’t feel like good substitutes, although this may be a good project to work on with some coders that have been collaborating over here.

In a related area, someone recently asked about the sites RapTor and, so these may need some clarification. The person in question was new to Tor and sounded terrified about having clicked on this link from the Hidden Wiki.

RapTor is merely a list of onion links, particularly darknet markets. It also features a few other sites, like search engines, privacy-friendly email services, and software., on the other hand, is a Tor2Web Gateway (proxy server) that enables you to access Tor sites from the clearnet. As mentioned in previous posts, these aren’t recommended, as they’re not anonymous and can sometimes be dangerous (revealing information about you or giving you malware). This isn’t always the case, but it’s the uncertainty that’s worrisome.

It’s still better off to just use the Tor Browser or one of its equivalents, like Onion Browser (on iOS devices). Yes, they may be somewhat slower, but the tradeoff in security is worth it. Besides, Tor itself is a lot faster in recent years due to advancements made in the project.

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