Padma G McCord Revisited: Corruption?

It appears as though the previous post regarding a woman by the name of Padma G McCord is picking up traffic lately. For those of you who haven’t read it, here’s a convenient link: Internet Mysteries: Padma G McCord.

A YouTuber named VVViOS mentioned Padma in a video last year entitled【Exposé】 The Corruption Behind Padma McCord | Digital Forensics Corp Exposed.

To sum up, in the video, he contacts a company called Digital Forensics Corp, whom McCord was employing, and insinuates that they had been hired by McCord to harass or intimidate people who have used her name in videos, for instance. Nexpo, who had also done a video about this subject, took it down not long after, possibly as a result of receiving communication from this company. Let’s hope this blog is not danger as a result of discussing the subject!

As VVViOS also notes, people have made complaints to the Better Business Bureau against DFC, such as the following:

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning delays in completing the promised service. In addition, BBB has received a pattern of complaints concerning misrepresentation by the company regarding Phase 1 and Phase 2 reporting. These complaints allege that the consumer was led to believe that additional evidence, email, photos or other information would be able to be produced if the consumer paid the additional money for Phase 2 reporting. Additionally, the complaints allege that after paying for Phase 2 that the company was unable to provide the promised information. 

BBB sent the company a letter on April 30, 2018 to bring these pattern of complaints concerns to the company’s attention.
[Full text at Better Business Bureau: Digital Forensics Corp.]

Whether or not Digital Forensics Corp is a “legitimate” company, it seems unsurprising that someone who believes they’re being harassed would hire a company of this nature to have their info removed from the internet.

This is starting to feel less like an internet mystery and more of a “woman who likes to intimidate people who mention her name on the internet,” but that’s just a guess. She still has thousands of websites related to her that can be found across the internet, which, as she points out, are for “SEO purposes.” It just seems ironic, given that most people would never have heard of her were it not for these bizarre websites.

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