Barely Sociable Solves Captain Kutchie

As mentioned on several other posts, Barely Sociable is a YouTuber who covers similar internet mysteries to the ones on this blog. He has an alternate channel called Slightly Sociable as well, in which he does shorter videos based around the same types of topics.

His most recent video is entitled “Who Wrote All The Disturbing Reviews For This Pie?”

The video, as you may have noted, points out that several of the original Captain Kutchie’s key lime pie reviews may have been made by the actual owner of the Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville Cafe after it closed (Oswald Pelaez Jr.). The reviews from this time period (2009), as Barely Sociable also mentions, are far more comprehensible and aren’t posted multiple times on the same page.

For a brief period of time, as also mentioned in the video, the same poster took a break from posting about Kutchie’s and began posting about, a multilevel marketing scheme, the site of which is no longer online. One of the Pastebin posts can be read here: GoldPosts.

That being said, he also makes note of the most common version of the comments, made by someone named “Jake Carson,” are the ones that sexualized the “reviews” of the restaurant and spammed them on articles that were sexual in nature. It would appear as though this commenter was someone who got scammed out of money due to the ozsgold business, and as a result, started a smear campaign against Kutchie’s name by making said comments all across the internet.

That theory makes the most sense, as opposed to the ones about it being a number station or secret code, even though the latter ones are far more intriguing. Occam’s Razor, right?

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