Where is QAnon on the Web?

On October 20, Brian Krebs wrote an article at Krebs on Security entitled QAnon/8Chan Sites Briefly Knocked Offline. The article explained that a large number of sites in various places are all connected to QAnon via a single internet provider in Vancouver, Washington called VanwaTech, a.k.a. OrcaTech.

While the original 8chan was removed from the clearnet following three mass shootings connected to the site in 2019, it rebranded itself as 8kun in November 2019 and went back online, both on the clearnet and on Tor. For those who want the link, it’s listed on dark.fail.

According to the article, many of these sites are using protection against DDoS attacks provided by a company called CNServers, LLC. Despite the sites being knocked offline for a short time, it appears they are back up and running.

There are numerous sites that appear to be affiliated with QAnon on various parts of the web, such as TheQanons.com, theqanonhub.weebly.com, qposts.online, and many others, though these sites may not be “official”. A map shown in the original article, however, illustrates that there are quite a few other sites using the same hosting provider without calling themselves by the QAnon name:

In addition to ones like 8ch.net and qalerts.app (originally qarmy.net), there are URLs for The Daily Stormer (a neo-Nazi, white supremacist and alt-right publication), qmap.pub, pleroma.us (a Pleroma instance, which is part of the fediverse), and qagg.news (a QAnon political news aggregator). Despite this map covering an exhaustive list of sites, there are probably other related ones as well that may not use the same hosting provider.

Interestingly, searching for QAnon on Google doesn’t turn up many of the sites that you can find easily on other search engines like DuckDuckGo and searx, likely because it filters out the more popular results. That being said, it appears that they’re still going strong and have a presence on disparate parts of the internet.

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