Who is This Online Harasser?

Those of you who follow the horror/internet investigator community on YouTube are likely familiar with Nexpo, who’s been mentioned on here a few times as well. About a month ago, he released a video entitled Down the Rabb.it Hole, regarding a person who has been stalking and harassing him and a number of other popular YouTubers connected to the same community.

The person in question has a history of going after numerous people and accusing them of being pedophiles, when oddly enough, they have no known history of any such crimes.

If you watched the video, it’s apparent that the connection to Nexpo, however vague, was that someone on his subreddit mentioned Rabb.it, which was a streaming site where you could have watch parties (like on Netflix, etc.). Nexpo, ironically, wasn’t affiliated with it in any way. As also mentioned in the video, Rabb.it is now defunct, but if you try to visit the URL, it directs you to Kast, which is a similar type of software for watch parties.

Nexpo had also been involved in a joke video called The Dark Side of That Chapter, which was meant as a prank against the YouTuber in question. Many YouTubers from the horror community were part of the video.

After beginning her tirade against Nexpo, she also started to go after other people who had been involved in the video, including Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers, NightDocs, and even MamaMax, who, ironically, has done several vigilante pedophile hunts, particularly against YouTube channels connected to that type of crime.

The whole thing doesn’t make much sense, given that the people she targets are in no way connected to her accusations, or are even the complete opposite of what she’s insinuating. On sites such as Twitter and Reddit, where she makes a lot of her allegations, she has dozens of accounts, and even when some of them get banned, she simply creates more of them.

Following a brief bit of research, it seems that several of the people she’s accused have leaked her info onto the internet as well. While that won’t be posted here, hopefully she will get a taste of her own medicine.

Further reference: https://trollpedia.miraheze.org/wiki/Corestormy


P.S. As an update, there are several alternatives to Rabb.it that are floating around various forum discussions and such. The subreddit r/RabbitRefugees has had a series of posts related to this. Some of the ones they’ve suggested are Giggl, Surge Live, and Neko. There may be a future post here comparing different watch party apps, so stick around!

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