Don’t Use the Hidden Wiki – Use These (Part 2)

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One of the most popular posts of all time on here is Don’t Use the Hidden Wiki – Use These!, which was written all the way back in 2017. Someone recently gave me a silver award on Reddit for this blog post, which made me realize that it’s about time for an update. While similar ones have been written in the recent past, there are quite a few newer places to find onion links that people may not know about.

So, for a concise list:

  • – This is a general list of onion links that also tracks their uptime, including darknet markets, forums, vendor shops, and a few others, like Protonmail, Riseup, and The New York Times. also has an onion link at darkfailllnkf4vf.onion. (EDIT: Some of the r/deepweb mods have questioned this site’s reliability. It would be a good idea to check the links on here against the ones on Darknet Live, which have PGP verification. also has a PGP tool, which you can use to verify PGP signatures. If in doubt, check the links themselves and see if the PGP keys match.)
  • Darknet Live – Darknet Live is a news site similar to what DeepDotWeb and Dark Web News used to be. They have a PGP-verified list of darknet markets and forums which is updated frequently.
  • OnionTree – OnionTree is a large list of all types of onion links. To boot, these have been PGP-verified, so it’s phishing-link free. Examples are sites like Comic Book Library, DarkEye, and cryptostorm.
  • Darknet Stats – Like Darknet Live, Darknet Stats is a news site. It even has a similar format to DeepDotWeb’s old site. Its main links are darknet markets, but it’s considered a reliable resource as well.
  • Onion.Live – Like OnionTree and the others, Onion.Live has links to many of the major darknet markets and forums. It also has a mirror verification tool (to test whether or not something is a phishing link) and a scam reporting tool.

Besides these sites, for those of you who are just looking to explore and aren’t interested in darknet markets, there are sites like Tor66 (http://tor66sezptuu2nta.onion/), which is similar to Fresh Onions in that it advertises onions that are up recently and also has a “random onion” button. On the other hand, it has links to a number of scam and phishing sites, so keep this in mind when exploring. Fresh Onions, too, had many phishing links, as it was a crawler that posted onions and their online status.

Tor66 appears to be a partner of the TORCH search engine, or it at least uses the same source code and has a similar appearance. Practically every Tor search engine will come up with scam sites in search results, so treat everything with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Past blog posts have also mentioned, which is another good Tor search engine. Unlike the others, Ahmia also has the ability to search I2P; for those who are just exploring, this gives it a bit more variety. On the downside, the I2P search doesn’t seem to come up with very many results, even when typing random nonsense into it.

The not Evil search engine (http://hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion), which has been recommended on past blog posts here, is also good, but it seems to be offline a lot as of late. When it is online, it’s still one of the best Tor search engines; it gets the most results and is often very accurate as to what you searched for. This isn’t to say that the results lack scams.

Someone on Reddit’s r/deepweb subreddit had pointed out that the dark web isn’t just Tor (hence the aforementioned I2P). As has been covered here, there are many other darknets, like Freenet, ZeroNet, GNUnet, yggdrasil (which is a mesh network), Scuttlebutt, and Lokinet (which is similar to ZeroNet in that it’s a P2P network integrated with Tor).

Some of these, however, are easier to navigate than Tor. Freenet, for instance, has lists of every Freenet site that are easily accessible and don’t require a lot of digging. Tor is just fairly easy to set up and use for those of you who are new to the whole anonymity network world.

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