Shout Out to RaidForums!

Over the past few weeks, I noticed that I had been getting traffic from a cracking/security forum called RaidForums, so I hopped on over there and created an account. It appears that they had been sharing dark web links from some of the posts here. Initially, I thought they were trying to raid me, i.e. crack my account or harass me (in the sense of Zoom bombing). Deja vu! Raids they’ve participated in have included Twitch, Discord, and IPTV.

The forum, in a similar manner to Torum, features all kinds of raids, hacks, doxing, and databases, somewhat like DDoSecrets. Some threads also give tips on cracking tools, bruteforcing, and proxy tools. Determining whether they’re reliable or not might require testing them out, of course.

Other threads offer such things as SOCKS5 proxies, bitcoin bruteforce tools, and tools from the OpenBullet suite. With regard to the “secret dark web links,” if they’ve been leaked to the clearnet, they really aren’t secret anymore, are they? I’ll probably contribute a few to the forum myself.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in hacking, cracking, and cybersecurity, this seems like one place, other than a paid course, you could pick up a few tips. Obviously, there are other black hat forums as well, which you can find on both the clearnet and Tor, or other darknets.

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Have you heard of the dark web? Simply put, it's the "hidden internet" built on networks like Tor. "Secrets of the Dark" chronicles my dark web experiences, but is also aimed at demythologizing it and teaching about it. Want to reproduce one of the "horror stories"? Contact me at

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