Red Triangle Wiki Deleted!

For those of you who have been following this whole “red triangle” puzzle like I have, you may be disappointed to find out that the official wiki (on wikia, at least) has been deleted for not being a valid community. Not valid? Why? Were there not enough fans? I’m not sure why this is the […]

Red Triangle Part 3: Toughest So Far!

Someone commented on my previous post that Mutahar, a.k.a. SomeOrdinaryGamers, had mentioned one of the Red Triangle sites on his episode┬áTHE EDGIEST CONFESSIONS!?! – Deep Web Browsing 149. Nevertheless, I don’t think he made the connection between the puzzle and that particular onion site. (Heck, I only did it recently.) So here it is again: […]


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Can You Decrypt This?

YnkgQ2lwaGFz I thought perhaps this post needed some explanation. I’ve joined a group that frequently communicates in code, and they inspired me to write a post completely (or mostly) in ciphertext. So, what’s written below isn’t complete nonsense; it’s just encoded with two different types of ciphers. Can you figure out what it says? Ijbigj […]