“Anonymous” Donations: A Comparison

A friend of mine suggested today that I compare platforms through which you could anonymously make donations to your favorite darknet sites (if not legal ones, at least ones that aren’t hurting children). As you may or may not know, all bitcoin transactions are publicly visible on the blockchain, and can be visualized on sites […]

Discontinued Darknets??

Given that privacy and anonymity are such a hot topic these days, there are many projects that various people and organizations are developing for just that reason. Several of these I’ve already mentioned multiple times, including Tor, I2P, Freenet, and ZeroNet. Nonetheless, I find the defunct ones to be just as interesting, partly because some […]

Freenet Frustrations: FMS, Sone, etc.

Good morning readers!  The reason I haven’t posted in almost a week is that I’ve been in the process of doing research on other aspects of Freenet, I2P and other networks that I haven’t explored much yet. The other reason might be that I’ve had a little writer’s block, but that’s normal, right? So, I’m […]

Blackbook Shuts Down; Where To Now?

All right, I admit it – I couldn’t stay away from the dark web forever.  Since I’d started the blog based on that topic, I almost felt lost without including it somehow. What I decided to do was use a “throwaway” computer that I didn’t really care about much, so it wasn’t as big a […]